About Us

Our mission is to put every company on a level playing field. We do so by providing personalized customer service, low processing rates, and technology to all businesses instead of large businesses exclusively. We believe that all companies big and small should be offered the same opportunities, and that’s what HadePay provides.

We offer breakthrough payment & business management services that enable our customers to accelerate sales growth, reduce costs, and reach more of their addressable market. We measure success by our ability to accomplish these three goals for each and every customer.

We achieve this goal by operating as a big corporation service provider for small companies. HadePay is a full suite of payment and business management solutions that are made available to only the largest of companies. What we do is offer these same services to companies of all sizes to give small and local organizations the opportunity to compete with big companies.

What Services Do We Offer?

Payment Infrastructure

Accept and settle payments from all major card brands via swipe or manual entry

Blockchain Payments

Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top Cryptocurrencies with the option for instant fiat currency exchange

Cloud Focused Software

Cloud based point of sale and checkout to seamlessly accept payments in store, online, or mobile

Next Generation Technology

Machine learning analytics to give your business more insights to make better customer, pricing, and product decisions

Flexible Hardware Options

Link to any USB or Bluetooth receipt printer, or payment hardware for processing swiped payments

Industry Low Prices

A lower flat rate price than any of our competitors plus guaranteed lower prices for organizations processing over $200,000/month.

Customized Web Integrations

Hosted Checkout, iFrames, or white labeled Web payment solutions to meet your Web business needs

Free Value-Added Services

Point of sale, checkout, create payable invoices, and customer relationship, inventory, and product management

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