Our Company

Our mission is to unify fiat and blockchain payments with innovating yet practical solutions that serve both people and businesses

Online Digital Payment Solutions, or ODP, is a financial technology startup that develops infrastructure for online fiat and blockchain payments. We are the only service that lets businesses accept digital currency payments without disrupting their existing payments infrastructure.

ODP Solutions’ Hade Pay will open new revenue streams and expedite international growth for merchants around the world. By 2023, online commerce will more than double to $5.7 trillion and 5% of global GDP. We believe digital currency will play a big role in this growth.

Hade Pay combines cutting edge payments infrastructure, completely customizable applications, and analytics from artificial intelligence to let businesses operate smarter and more efficiently.

Built to Open New Doors

Digital currency payments open new doors for your business. Online businesses are built for global reach, but fiat and gateway limitations make global commercialization very difficult. ODP Solutions considered these issues and realized by accepting digital currency your business can instantly reach global scale and millennials who largely own cryptocurrency.

Save Your Business More Money

We wanted to embrace fiat, but we are not loyal to any gateway provider. We are loyal to consumers and businesses. This realization allows Hade Pay to save your business more money with artificial intelligence that considers your business type, volume, fees, and what features you need so Hade Pay can make gateway provider suggestions from the 50 built into our service.

Solve Problems

There are business adoption issues with digital currency, and Hade Pay solves those problems with the Verifie blockchain. Our developers built Hade Pay to give merchants and consumers peace of mind, allowing third party verification of digital wallet addresses before a purchase is made.