Lightning Network

The next big breakthrough for Bitcoin payments

What is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is built on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain as a second layer protocol to enable instant micropayments that resemble the speed of credit card payments.

Lightning improves the performance for public blockchains by creating off-chain payment channels that transact more efficiently with lower costs.

HadePay is a channel operator that leverages Bitfury’s Lightning Peach. HadePay is exploring lightning networks associated with other coins, but for now Lightning is only available with Bitcoin payments.


What does Lightning mean for merchants?

As a business that accepts Bitcoin payments, HadePay use of the Lightning Network will not change how you accept payments, store Bitcoin, or spend Bitcoin. The only noticeable difference for merchants is speed, eliminating the sometimes long wait times to receive a Bitcoin payment confirmation.

In terms of competitive advantage, the Lightning Network is an incredible technology and value to your customers who want to use their Bitcoin to purchase products and services. HadePay’s infrastructure makes Bitcoin payments simple for both your business and employees whereas the Lightning Network makes Bitcoin payments a pleasant experience for your customers.

HadePay Bitcoin payments are offered in a single streamlined solution with credit, debit, and other cryptocurrency payments.

HadePay Lightning Network is only available for registered merchants. Register your business today.

How to Register Your Business