Simple Yet Powerful Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin is the most reputable and widely held of cryptocurrencies. There are nearly 30 million blockchain wallets and surveys suggest that 5% of all Americans either own or have purchased Bitcoin at some point.

Bitcoin is a market that your business simply can't afford to ignore. With HadePay technology you can accept Bitcoin payments and reach more customers with no change to your payment infrastructure and little difference to credit card payments.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of electronic cash that is not regulated or controlled by any central government or bank. All transactions are verifiable and confirmed on the blockchain, a decentralized ledger.

In the past, Bitcoin payments were difficult for businesses because the underlying infrastructure did not exist and confirmations were slow.


Bitcoin payments have changed!

HadePay leverages the lightning network for instant Bitcoin payments. This means that payments are near instant, just like credit cards.

HadePay offers infrastructure for both Web payments and in store payments to easily track and manage Bitcoin payments with the same expectations you have for credit card payment management.

Government is starting to come around. We work with fully regulated financial institutions that enable currency exchange with Bitcoin payments. A business can accept Bitcoin payments then instantly convert the Bitcoin to other currencies like USD, Euro, or a stable cryptocurrency Dai.

Bitcoin is very liquid. In the early days it could take days to sell Bitcoin. Today there are 1,000s of merchants who accept Bitcoin and it can be sold or purchased instantly. You can even use Bitcoin to purchase software and services, buy goods, flights, or to purchase coffee at Starbucks. Bitcoin has really come a long way in the last three years, and it is here to stay.

Some things stay the same

Bitcoin payments are still cheap. Credit card processing fees range from 3% to 5% whereas Bitcoin and other blockchain payments are processed for a flat 1% fee. This means you keep more money.

You still need a digital wallet to own, spend, and accept Bitcoin. But don’t worry. We got you covered. As a HadePay merchant, you can use your own Bitcoin wallet or we will give you one that links to your HadePay dashboard and can be accessed anywhere.

Start accepting Bitcoin payments today. Register your business on HadePay.

How to Register Your Business