HadePay lets you choose between a flat rate or shop the lowest possible rate while accepting payments from more than 50 payment applications and cryptocurrencies from a single solution

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Why Choose HadePay?

The payments industry is huge and no single solution gives your business complete access to its addressable market. HadePay is the only solution that enables payments, provides necessary services such as point of sale and checkout, and also consolidates payment apps, gateways, and cryptocurrencies into a single interface so your business can reach its full potential.

Whether your plan is to use HadePay for online payments or store payments only, your business will have access to our full suite of products and services at no additional charge so that you may leverage our breakthrough technology whenever and if ever you need.

Quick & Easy Merchant Registration

Register and verify your business in minutes and start accepting payments today

  • Flat rate pricing that is lower than Square!.
  • Get free hardware with HadePay.
  • Accept online, mobile, or store payments
Crypto & Fiat that Co-Exist
Manage Your Customers, Payments, and Accepted Currencies from 65 Sources in a Single Platform

The ultimate business management solution

Accept payments, save money, and leverage the greatest financial technology on the market.

  • Manage customers, inventory, and transactions across 50 payment applications & cryptocurrencies.
  • Access point of sale, checkout.

HadePay gives your business more payment options

Guaranteed to work with any business type & save all customers money.

  • Accept credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, & send payable invoices.
  • Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a dozen other cryptocurrencies.
  • Process payments with more than 20 applications.
Business Payments Without Limits

Great Features & Benefits

Crypto Freedom

Decide what cryptocurrencies, ERC-20 tokens, and altcoins you want to accept from 12 available options. Choose one or two, or all 12, and have complete freedom of that cash flow from the Hade Pay admin panel.

Millennial Appeal

Millennials are an important customer base for all merchants, especially Web-based businesses, and Hade Pay makes your business more appealing. An estimated 17.2% of all millennials own cryptocurrency vs just 8% of all Americans.

Anonymity Option

Anonymity is important to many customers in certain industries, and digital currency can let your business provide such a luxury, which could significantly accelerate growth as new revenue streams are created.

Competitive Advantage

Cryptocurrency is not yet mainstream in online commerce, mainly because Hade Pay is the first service to allow large scale adoption. Your business could gain a first-to-market advantage with Hade Pay.

Embracing Fiat

Choose from 50 credit card processors already built in to Hade Pay for a streamlined checkout experience. You already accept fiat currency, and most likely we have your existing solution.

Destination Wallets

Hade Pay does not make your destination wallets public to your customers so you can keep your cash flow and finances private. Customers are shown a random address produced by the Hade Pay servers.

Business Verification

Give your customers and yourself peace of mind by verifying wallet addresses on the private Verifie blockchain for better security so you know instantly if your wallet or server is compromised.

Completely Custom

Customize the look and feel of buttons you use to accept payments. You can even rebrand Hade Pay and design the front-end to match your online or Web business.

Complete Control

Monitor your cash flow from fiat and all cryptocurrencies from the Hade Pay admin panel.

Simple Integration

Customize then integrate Hade Pay into any Web or mobile application with a single line of code, anywhere you want to accept payments.

How to Register Your Business