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Payment Applications

Gateway & B2C Solutions


All Payment Apps in One

HadePay is a collection of all the most used payment applications and gateways in a single solution. This means you can link your existing accounts with PayPal, Stripe, Square, Venmo, Payment Cloud, or Apple Pay to let friends, family, and customers pay how they desire.

Cryptocurrency for Commerce

Use HadePay to send or receive Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, and Dash to make purchases. HadePay leverages breakthrough technology to create one-of-a-kind solutions for blockchain payments with text messaging and subscription solutions.

Why Choose Hade Pay?

The payments industry is huge and no single solution gives your business complete access to its addressable market. HadePay is the only solution that consolidates many different payment apps, gateways, and cryptocurrencies into a single interface so your business can reach its full potential.

Whether you have a subscription service, an e-commerce store, or a crowdfunding platform, HadePay makes fiat and digital currency payments fast, easy, and secure for your Web and mobile application business. Manage your customers and payments from all sources in the HadePay dashboard for maximum effeciency.

Crypto & Fiat that Co-Exist

50 payment gateway providers are built into Hade Pay. You select the one you currently use and never miss a beat.

  • Seamless design with credit card and cryptocurrency.
  • Accept cryptocurrency with no change to existing payments infrastructure.
  • Monitor all revenue and monitor processing fees in merchant panel.
Crypto & Fiat that Co-Exist
Manage Your Customers, Payments, and Accepted Currencies from 65 Sources in a Single Platform

You choose what digital currencies to accept

Decide what your business is comfortable with, whether it be just Bitcoin or a dozen cryptocurrencies.

  • Single line of code creates Hade Pay widget on your app.
  • Your crypto selections & gateway are then connected.
  • Cryptocurrency processing fees between 0.5% and 1.5%
Manage Your Customers, Payments, and Accepted Currencies from 65 Sources in a Single Platform

Cryptocurrency payments made safe and simple

Your customers see a randomly generated wallet address that is verifiable to complete their purchase.

  • Incoming payments and balances are accessible to the merchant only.
  • Merchants can set single or multiple receive addresses per currency.
  • Web and mobile business servers recognize cryptocurrency payments just like credit card transactions.
Business Payments Without Limits

Great Features & Benefits

Crypto Freedom

Decide what cryptocurrencies, ERC-20 tokens, and altcoins you want to accept from 12 available options. Choose one or two, or all 12, and have complete freedom of that cash flow from the Hade Pay admin panel.

Millennial Appeal

Millennials are an important customer base for all merchants, especially Web-based businesses, and Hade Pay makes your business more appealing. An estimated 17.2% of all millennials own cryptocurrency vs just 8% of all Americans.

Anonymity Option

Anonymity is important to many customers in certain industries, and digital currency can let your business provide such a luxury, which could significantly accelerate growth as new revenue streams are created.

Competitive Advantage

Cryptocurrency is not yet mainstream in online commerce, mainly because Hade Pay is the first service to allow large scale adoption. Your business could gain a first-to-market advantage with Hade Pay.

Embracing Fiat

Choose from 50 credit card processors already built in to Hade Pay for a streamlined checkout experience. You already accept fiat currency, and most likely we have your existing solution.

Destination Wallets

Hade Pay does not make your destination wallets public to your customers so you can keep your cash flow and finances private. Customers are shown a random address produced by the Hade Pay servers.

Business Verification

Give your customers and yourself peace of mind by verifying wallet addresses on the private Verifie blockchain for better security so you know instantly if your wallet or server is compromised.

Completely Custom

Customize the look and feel of buttons you use to accept payments. You can even rebrand Hade Pay and design the front-end to match your online or Web business.

Complete Control

Monitor your cash flow from fiat and all cryptocurrencies from the Hade Pay admin panel.

Simple Integration

Customize then integrate Hade Pay into any Web or mobile application with a single line of code, anywhere you want to accept payments.

Introducing the Verifie Blockchain Protocol

Verifie your wallet address to reduce fraud and build trust with customers using digital currency

  • Verifie is a blockchain protocol that can be used with any application to verify the ownership of a digital currency wallet address.
  • Hade Pay uses Verifie so merchants can confirm their wallet address to consumers before making a purchase.
  • If the merchant's wallet address matches what has been verified and stored on the blockchain, the information will be confirmed to the consumer before making a purchase.
  • If the server or application has been compromised, or the recipient wallet address associated with Hade Pay has been changed or modified, Verifie will fail to confirm the wallet address and alert the consumer.
  • Verifie your wallet
Hade Pay + Verifie

Hade Pay + Verifie

  • Businesses can accept digital currency payments with confidence, knowing the funds will be received thanks to Verifie.
  • The combination of Hade Pay plus Verifie opens the door for businesses to embrace digital currency and gain a competitive advantage by accepting digital currency payments.
  • Each merchant can verify up to 5 digital wallet addresses for free to use with Hade Pay or any application. Any additional wallets must be purchased using the Hade Pay (HPAY) Coin.
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