ODPX is Coming Soon

Accept blockchain payments with HadePay, then trade, hold, or convert to fiat with an exchange solution built for businesses and institutions.
Built for HadePay Merchants and Institutions to Manage, Track, and Trade their Cryptocurrency Holdings.
ODPX will be built into the HadePay dashboard so businesses have complete control and flexibility with their cash flow.

  • A Better Kind of Cryptocurrency Exchange That's Built for Security, Ease of Use, Trade, and to Facilitate Purchases with HadePay
  • ODPX is an institutional exchange with the highest security standards and next-generation trade technology for HadePay merchants, institutions, and accredited investors.
  • The days of complicated decentralized exchanges and storing all funds on centralized exchanges are over. ODPX lets you purchase coins with HadePay from any wallet in an exchange environment.
ODPX is Coming Soon
Trading Platform

Trading Platform

Each sell order is linked to a unique wallet address. Purchases are verified only after incoming funds are confirmed from the linked wallet address with a unique authorization code from HadePay.

  • The world's best analytics and artificial intelligence for investment analysis
  • Elegant yet simple investment platform with 12 stable cryptocurrency investment options
  • Make trades and manage your liquidity directly from the HadePay dashboard, or schedule automatic trades.
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