Have questions? We are here to help and make HadePay immediately beneficial without the headaches of integration. Here are some of the most common questions by other HadePay merchants.

Prospective Merchant Questions

Just register with your email and you are ready to get started. The prompts will guide you through the merchant application, and we will confirm your identity, website, and business for security and compliance purposes.
We typically respond to merchant applications in less than 24 hours. We strive to provide a fast and simple application process, but answering all questions truthfully will certainly expedite the process.
Once you are approved and link all of your payment accounts, cryptocurrency wallets, and gateway provider, you are live to accept payments on or on your site/app with a single line of HTML code. In other words, the integration process is very simple.
Yes. We can help with the entire process, from linking accounts to deploying on your website.
Blockchain payments were made for online transactions. Any Web or mobile business that does not accept blockchain payments is cutting themselves short of a viable revenue stream.
We are exploring various options, including a stable coin to offer merchants that accept cryptocurrencies, but at the time we do not offer a stable or fiat exchange for incoming cryptocurrency payments.
HadePay does not hold funds in our servers unless you request a manual withdraw process. Otherwise, HadePay facilitates the purchase of services and funds from the consumer to your business immediately, which means you get paid instantly.
HadePay was built from the ground up for developers and Web businesses. The HadePay frontend is completely customizable. The HadePay gateway uses webhooks so your server can recognize successful, failed, and pending blockchain payments. For example, example, an e-commerce website will recognize a successful and failed purchase just like a credit card payment.
Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum were created for person-to-person one time payments. However, HadePay is the only provider with a recurring blockchain payments solution, so accepting digital currency payments do not disrupt your existing payments or business structure.
For fiat, we don't charge any fees. We charge a 1% fee for blockchain payments and less for certain cryptocurrencies.
Blockchain payments were made for online transactions. Any Web or mobile business that does not accept blockchain payments is cutting themselves short of a viable revenue stream.
HadePay alone won’t increase your revenue, but it will make your business and services more attractive to individuals who own digital currencies. estimates that 17% of millennials own at least one digital currency. Therefore, businesses that accept blockchain payments gain greater exposure to millennials.
The answer is simple….. There are not many viable competitors. HadePay was built for the online business to give complete control to merchants and developers. Not only is HadePay the cheapest, but it seamlessly integrates with your existing payment solution, thereby causing no disruption to your business, unlike our competitors.
Yes. Subscriptions and recurring payments are a significant component of Web and mobile businesses. ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’HadePay is the first and only blockchain payment processor with a recurring payments solution.

Customer Questions

Yes. HadePay has 50 payment processors built into its application. Use our artificial intelligence to choose a gateway that best suits your business or use your existing gateway provider to process credit card payments.
HadePay has all of the core payment processors that account for nearly all of the gateway industry. However, it is possible that your reseller is excluded from HadePay. Fortunately, just email and your service provider will be included.
Yes. The default is Bitcoin, but you are welcome to make the default Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or any of the 12 digital currencies we offer as payment options as your company�s default.
As many as you want. You are free to change your recipient wallet address or have multiple wallets per currency.
Yes. We have a plugin and documentation for HadePay without credit card payments. This is ideal for merchants who want to separate their crypto and fiat payments, or offer crypto payments for certain services and products.
You can verify 5 wallet addresses for free. Each additional verification is paid.
Email us at We typically respond within 12 hours.
How to Register Your Business