Unique Business Solutions for Your Unique Business Needs

HadePay has the payment industry’s best technology, and it is all 100% FREE for all of our customers. Want something but not sure how to set it up? Let us know and our product team will do it for you, so you can focus on operating and growing your business.


Access the Features Your Business Needs

Enable, Disable, or Customize Any of the Following Fields to Create a Custom Experience for Your Business

Any number of users, Free
  • Log in or Pin access for additional users
  • Enable gratuity for single or all users
  • Add taxes and discounts by product or total
  • Detailed report provides a breakdown of all transactions
  • Enable & analyze staff and store reports
  • Add products alone or in categories
  • Create invoices with logos and custom product & customer fields
  • Create and manage customers with any data you want to monitor
  • Instantly generate an online store with your products and preferences

Custom Solutions for Your Businesses

Most business software and point of sale services ask your business to conform to whatever features they offer. We believe that every business is unique and has different needs….. And our software is built to cater to those needs.

HadePay is the first software-as-a-service platform built with completely dynamic features…. This is no cookie-cutter platform. It is a service that gives your business a legitimate edge over the competition.

  • When your HadePay account is first created, an account manager and product specialist will contact you to assist you in the initial setup. They will learn about your business and work with you to ensure that you are taking full advantage of everything HadePay has to offer for your business.

  • Give Your Business the Edge it Deserves!

    The only payment dashboard that allows businesses to analyze the complete performance of their entire organization from all of their revenue channels. Control how your customers interact with HadePay and what payments you accept. Access important data about your customers, transactions, products, and employees. Increase sales, retain customers, price products, etc. using powerful machine learning tools.

    5 Ways to Accept Payments

    HadePay Terminal lets your store process any payment, manage customers and products, and print, email, or text receipts quickly. DirectPay skips the terminal and is good to use when mailing products or needing to input additional customer information. RequestPay allows you to request payments quickly from anyone by text or email. Create custom Invoices that are emailed or texted with payment links. Web Integration allows you to integrate HadePay into your Web or mobile app with a hosted checkout, SDK, iFrame, or even white-label option.

    Custom Payment Selections

    You decide what payments your company accepts. You can select credit and debit only, or add ACH, Bitcoin, and other fiat or digital currencies. You can even choose to accept different payment applications like PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, or Stripe from HadePay. No other payment infrastructure company provides this level of customization or flexibility to its customers.

    Product and Inventory Management

    Our product and inventory management service is not only free but allows you to expedite the checkout process. In just minutes you can add products and services to HadePay. Do you have inventory? Special taxes? Discounts? If so HadePay’s product and inventory management service is great for your business. More importantly, HadePay allows you to seamlessly upload your products and services once and then sell them across any channel using our 5 ways to accept payments.

    Customer Management

    Does your business have regular customers with specific needs? Maybe some have a recurring subscription, or like their service prepared a certain way. With our customer management tool, you can upload customer information and quickly keep track of preferences, subscriptions, sales by person or company, and anything else you want to note for your customers.

    Reconciliation and Transaction Analysis

    Not only are all of your card and ACH payments easily accessible in the HadePay dashboard, but all your digital currency transactions and purchases made on third-party payment applications. There is no service in the world with the ability to track payments across all channels except HadePay, and this service is absolutely free for our customers.

    Complete Knowledge

    Customize the look and feel of your HadePay, invoices, terminal, store, and checkout experience while also setting up products, services, store locations, or sales staff to analyze the performance of your entire organization.

    Add Products & Manage Inventory from the Application

    Add new products on the go

    Does your business have new products that come and go quickly? Do your prices change often? What about discounts and special offers?

    With HadePay Systems, your admin or anyone with permission can add products to your POS in seconds.

    As a small business, a single login without PIN code access may be suitable. This is the most basic functionality of HadePay where all users can access the same information. If your business has products, services, and inventory that you wish to manage then setting permissions for your staff is important. This will prevent pricing errors and will protect trade secrets such as your cost basis and suppliers.

    It is so simple to add products with HadePay Systems, that some merchants with significant amounts of inventory like bait shops, outdoor retailers, and tire shops will create the products and add inventory at the time of sale without missing a beat or disrupting the flow of their business.

    HadePay Systems has a database with 10s of thousands of products and goods so you are able to scan a barcode and click a button to instantly add pictures and details of a good. The only thing you have to do is set a price and quantity.

    Reciept with Partner
    Reciept with Partner

    Manage your products and inventory

    Once you add products in the system, you can visualize and edit whenever necessary directly from the app.

    HadePay Systems makes adding new inventory to existing products simple. Simply select the existing product or scan the barcode to find the product in our database.

    You can then add quantity or SKU numbers to begin tracking how many products you sold; how many products you have left; and how what your profit is on each transaction.

    HadePay Systems product management is available for all three of its POS options, whether you are using the classic POS, invoicing POS, or restaurant POS.

    The multiple account feature allows a single HadePay terminal to hold the login information for multiple accounts, toggle quickly, and access the different accounts by entering a PIN number.

    Hence, if your business consists of multiple businesses and suppliers, you can separate the HadePay System to track all of these different storefronts….. Even if these storefronts are in a single location. This gives you ultimate control and oversight of your business.

    Store Multiple Accounts Or Enable PIN Code Options At Each Terminal

    HadePay is the only POS and business management software that enables oversight or the separation of employees, locations, or even different divisions within your organization. The versatility of HadePay makes it perfect for small businesses with fewer than three employees or the largest of organizations with 100s of locations and 1,000s of employees. Regardless of your business size, these services are equally free to access by all customers.

    As a small business, a single login without PIN code access may be suitable. This is the most basic functionality of HadePay where all users can access the same information.

    If your business has employees, you can create an unlimited number of roles and users to control who has access to what features. As the business owner, you have the freedom to control what your employees are able to access HadePay. So long as you are logged in to your account, users will be able to access their terminal with a custom PIN number that you create for them.

    If you wish to add another layer of separation and security to your business, then hold multiple accounts at one terminal. This is perfect for larger businesses with many locations or salons that operate at one place of business but are all independent.

    The multiple account feature allows a single HadePay terminal to hold the login information for multiple accounts, toggle quickly, and access the different accounts by entering a PIN number.

    Reciept with Partner

    Tired of Saving All Your Paper Receipts?

    HadePay comes standard with three receipt options. You can print, email, or text customers their receipt.

    You can always choose to have your customers digitally sign for purchases regardless of how you deliver their receipts.

    Rather than saving all your merchant receipts in a filing cabinet, or delivering 100s of receipts to your accountant, HadePay keeps a digital copy of the receipt and signature so you can access, print, or email any time its needed.

    There is no reason for you to print and store all your receipts, not when you will always have a digital copy organized by date, customer, amount, or even the products sold.

    Reciept with Partner
    Reciept with Partner

    HadePay’s detailed summaries and analytics give you complete oversight of your business and access to the information you want when you need it. Not only can you view any single transaction or search by customer, but you can also see transactions by product, service, category, variable, staff, or location.

    HadePay does not limit your analysis. It is a completely customizable solution, and while that may sound overwhelming, we have a dedicated product team that will walk you through every step of the way. Our product team will strategize with you to determine the best setup of HadePay based on your business needs and your wants. You can then begin setting up HadePay, or our product team will do it for you at no additional cost.

    It’s just one of our many value-added services that separate HadePay from the rest and ensure that you will be a lifelong, happy customer.

    Print Receipts Anywhere

    Some customers want a printed receipt. That is difficult if your business operates on the go in remote areas, or if you use an iPad POS solution to save on costs. Most thermal printers are expensive, but ours is high performance and cost effective with bluetooth compatibility that allows you to print anywhere. You can print using our mobile application on any device, whether it be an iPad in your store or a phone in a remote location.


    Need Tips? Have Many Employees Accepting Tips? We Are Perfect for the Service Industry !

    If you and your business accepts tips, HadePay has the perfect solution for you! Our “Service POS” allows you to place orders or take payments and then accept gratuity with a simple, user-friendly, non-awkward user interface that promotes greater tips. The service professional selects the service or enters the charge amount and swipes the customer’s card. The customer then completes the process by selecting their gratuity, accepting the charges, providing their signature, and specifying how they wish to receive their receipt. It’s simple!

    The reporting component of HadePay software is built to be simple yet custom to whatever needs you have. Access our detailed reports from the mobile application and see who is owed tips and the amount. HadePay’s detailed report gives you a quick glance but also a complete breakdown of all transactions, including gratuity and sales for each staff member.

    Accept Checks with Confidence

    HadePay has partnered with third party check processing to provide electronic processing and settlement of checks at point of sale(POS) systems.Accepting checks creates a new revenue stream to reach more customers and saves time by eliminating trips to deposit checks at the bank.Accept checks online and on mobile devices with HadePay payment processing.

    Accept checks online and on mobile devices with HadePay payment processing.


    Using HadePay for Restaurant POS

    No reason to spend 1,000s of dollars on a restaurant POS…. HadePay has everything you need!

    HadePay is so versatile that you can customize it to accept payments, perform back end functions, and act as a sophisticated POS for your restaurant.

    HadePay can literally work with any business

    No matter if you are a florist or own a chain of restaurants.... HadePay has the tools and features you need to stay one step ahead.

    Achieve a restaurant interface by modifying the Charge button to print orders to your kitchen and send the order to your open transactions. Bring the preview page into a split-screen to review orders before sending to the kitchen, and finally, customize your categories and products with as much detail as necessary. Even add product pictures for easy identification.

    Does this all sound a little too overwhelming? No worries. We will actually set up the POS and necessary functions free of charge!

    Access, Edit, and Pay Open Orders

    After the restaurant order is placed, or the service is complete, you can access the unpaid ticket from the “open orders” page on your mobile device.

    As an administrator, you can open, review, edit, and pay any open ticket. However, your staff with PIN code access will only be able to open and pay the tickets they created.

    Likewise, if you use this feature for your service business, your staff will be able to access open yet complete orders from any location by using their PIN code to take payments out in the field.

    Hence, this functionality is perfect for the hospitality industry, but ideal for any service industry that creates estimates and provides services prior to payment.

    You local account manager will reach out for an introduction, then set up your hardware delivery and schedule a call with our product team if you have any special requests or needs. While this may sound like a lot, it is all to ensure you feel comfortable with HadePay and are getting the most from it. Altogether, you should be processing payments wktnk 48 hours of completing the registration.
    We batch funds everyday, which means if you accept a card payment on Monday , the funds will reach your account on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.
    Unlike our competitors, we personally work with all of our customers. None of our customers are numbers in a system. We understand their business models and needs. Therefore, in the event of a chargeback, not only do we have all the data to fight the chargeback, but we go to battle for our customers by understanding how the dispute originated. Conversely, large payment companies don’t take the time to fight chargebacks because maintaining their tier ratio is more important, and because they board merchants without understanding their models.
    First off, that is horrible. No payment processor should ever put you in a contract. If you are in a contract, we ask that you give us a try for two months. It won’t cost you anything, and if you are happy, we will discuss buying out your contract. Yes, we have done that many times for our customers.
    We offer two rate plans. The first is a flat rate of 2.5% per swipe or 3.1% plus 15 cents for every manual entry of card data. The second is a flat rate of 3% regardless of how it is entered. If you compare to our competitors, we are by far the cheapest.
    No! None whatsoever.
    You can always call your account manager any time for assistance, or call 1-844-HADEPAY and we will be there to help. You will never talk to an operator.
    No. We are currently located in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, and Missouri, Illinois, and Arizona.
    Just tell your account manager that you would like to get some static ads and video ads. Your manager will then communicate with our graphic designer and ad specialists to put together a package valued at $1,000 for absolutely free. They will even strategize with you on how to advertise, and in some instances, we will assist with that too.
    If you need more than one device, talk to your account manager. We have customers who have upwards of 10 devices, so we can certainly meet whatever need you have.