How to Register Your Business

Click Merchant Registration or Sign In from the Site Header.

Begin by logging In with your personal or business account from Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook

Once logged in click Merchant Registration and you will be asked a series of questions about your company’s beneficiary if applicable and business details to verify ownership of the business


What kind of questions are asked?

There are basic questions such as your business name, address, website and phone number, but to speed the approval process we also ask for at least two documents for verification. These include your company’s articles, operating agreement, or bank information among other potential documents you can provide to verify your business and its ownership.

Most businesses are verified within 48 hours.

What can I access once my business is approved?

There are some instances where your business gains a partial approval or is temporarily unable to access some services. This is due to our agreements and the requirements of third party services we work with. However, our goal is to ensure you company has complete access to all of our services from day one.


Our Services Include:

  • Accept credit and debit card payments in store, online, and on mobile devices. Learn More
  • Consolidate all your payment applications in one place to better manage payments. Learn More
  • Accept lightning fast Bitcoin payments in store, online, or on mobile devices. Learn More
  • Choose to accept online payments with a dozen different cryptocurrencies. Learn More
  • Generate your own Bitcoin wallet address to use for business purposes. Learn More
  • Currency exchange services to seamlessly enter international markets. Learn More
  • Powerful merchant dashboard for complete business and payment management. Learn More
  • Customizable storefront and checkout solution to list products and take. Learn More
How to Register Your Business