How HadePay Leverages Technology to Help Your Business

  • Approved merchants have access to the HadePay dashboard, where powerful products and tools can help grow your business, cut costs, and make better decisions in real time.
  • Rapid growth in big data and advanced analytics, including machine learning, is having a significant impact on every part of the economy. This includes payments and business management.
  • Machine learning can be especially effective when large dynamic data sets are involved. Specifically those that track consumer behavior. When behaviors change, machine learning can detect the most subtle shifts in the underlying data and revise accordingly.
  • Machine learning can identify anomalies in data and treat them as directed to improve predictability. These capabilities can have powerful effects when applied to payment applications and services.
  • These threats come in many types, but the most damaging to a company’s finances and reputation usually originate from network hacking and skimming or malware and .
  • HadePay works closely with its partners to ensure the security of our payment network. Internally HadePay uses machine learning to identify threats and stop isolated cases of fraud along with the best practices to protect business data. Learn More

Machine learning and payment processing for businesses of all sizes

HadePay is used as both a processor and handler for all payment application transactions, thereby allowing HadePay to provide the following insights to help businesses grow.

Product Sales:

Gain deeper insights about customers and sales prospects from machine learning that draws upon a wider variety of internal and external data. Our tools will accurately cluster customers and prospects into segments according to their profile and most likely needs. This deeper insight could reveal cross-selling and up-selling opportunities among both customers and prospects.

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Customer Retention:

Companies monitor and forecast customer churn based on changes in their account status. When churn rates rise companies take steps to address the problem. With machine learning we can identify the customers at risk and act quickly before they are lost. How do we do this? It’s a combination of site behavior, demographics, and even media-sentiment among other factors to predict the likelihood of a lost customer, and it is a formula that constantly reinvents itself and even adapts on a per customer basis over time.


Collection practices and debt restructuring is no easy task, but work best when aligned with the borrowers’ propensity to pay. HadePay is building a dynamic model that is able to segment delinquent customers, and identify customers who are most likely to proactively take action to improve their own standing vs those who are not. This enables the business to build better collection strategies and improve their payment rates.

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Product Pricing:

Every company knows that pricing products and services is largely a test of trial and error to find a proper balance; or at least it was in the past. With an enormous log of priced products and services in every industry coupled with clustering techniques built on machine learning we can significantly improve appropriate pricing models to eliminate the trial and error game of pricing your products and services..

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HadePay is constantly working and applying machine learning technology to help businesses increase their revenue and save money. We have many new products and services in our pipeline, and the only way to access our current and future products is to register your business.

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