The Dashboard:A   P o w e r f u l   E n g i n e

        that makes your business run

Give Your Business the Edge it Deserves!

The only payment dashboard that allows businesses to analyze the complete performance of their entire organization from all of their revenue channels. Control how your customers interact with HadePay and what payments you accept. Access important data about your customers, transactions, products, and employees. Increase sales, retain customers, price products, etc. using powerful machine learning tools.

The Dashboard: A Powerful Engine that Makes this Car Run

5 Ways to Accept Payments

HadePay Terminal lets your store process any payment, manage customers and products, and print, email, or text receipts quickly. DirectPay skips the terminal and is good to use when mailing products or needing to input additional customer information. RequestPay allows you to request payments quickly from anyone by text or email. Create custom Invoices that are emailed or texted with payment links. Web Integration allows you to integrate HadePay into your Web or mobile app with a hosted checkout, SDK, iFrame, or even white-label option.

Custom Payment Selections

You decide what payments your company accepts. You can select credit and debit only, or add ACH, Bitcoin, and other fiat or digital currencies. You can even choose to accept different payment applications like PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, or Stripe from HadePay. No other payment infrastructure company provides this level of customization or flexibility to its customers.

Product and Inventory Management

Our product and inventory management service is not only free but allows you to expedite the checkout process. In just minutes you can add products and services to HadePay. Do you have inventory? Special taxes? Discounts? If so HadePay’s product and inventory management service is great for your business. More importantly, HadePay allows you to seamlessly upload your products and services once and then sell them across any channel using our 5 ways to accept payments.

Customer Management

Does your business have regular customers with specific needs? Maybe some have a recurring subscription, or like their service prepared a certain way. With our customer management tool you can upload customer information and quickly keep track of preferences, subscriptions, sales by person or company, and anything else you want to note for your customers.

Reconciliation and Transaction Analysis

Not only are all of your card and ACH payments easily accessible in the HadePay dashboard, but all your digital currency transactions and purchases made on third party payment applications. There is no service in the world with the ability to track payments across all channels except HadePay, and this service is absolutely free for our customers.

Complete Knowledge

Customize the look and feel of your HadePay, invoices, terminal, store, and checkout experience while also setting up products, services, store locations, or sales staff to analyze the performance of your entire organization.


Unique Functionality

Each payment service you use still has unique functionality. PayPal payments are still taken on PayPal’s servers and Stripe payments are on third party websites. Regardless of the unique functionality and how you use these applications to better your business, HadePay will collect the data from these services once they are linked in the dashboard to make your business more productive.

Simply link your accounts from

  • PayPal
  • GooglePay
  • ApplePay
  • Venmo
  • Square
  • ChasePay
  • AmazonPay
  • Stripe

Broad Selection

With 12 digital currencies including Bitcoin, 15 payment applications and services, and HadePay’s own credit and debit card payment processing your business has a broad selection of ways to process payments in all situations to reach the absolute most of your addressable market.


Business Management Meets AI

Access powerful tools from machine learning that leverage your business model and industry to create incredible insights for product sales, customer retention, collections, and pricing products or services. These services improve as your business grows and we have more data to analyze, and will prove valuable tools for growing your enterprise more effectively.

HadePay is used as both a processor and handler for all payment application transactions, thereby allowing HadePay to provide the following insights to help businesses grow.

Product Sales:

Gain deeper insights about customers and sales prospects from machine learning that draws upon a wider variety of internal and external data. Our tools will accurately cluster customers and prospects into segments according to their profile and most likely needs. This deeper insight could reveal cross-selling and upselling opportunities among both customers and prospects.

Worried about volatile cryptocurrency prices?

No worries! HadePay enables instant currency exchange solutions.

Product Sales
Customer Retnetion

Customer Retention:

Companies monitor and forecast customer churn based on changes in their account status. When churn rates rise companies take steps to address the problem. With machine learning we can identify the customers at risk and act quickly before they are lost.

How do we do this?

It’s a combination of site behavior, demographics, and even media-sentiment among other factors to predict the likelihood of a lost customer, and it is a formula that constantly reinvents itself and even adapts on a per customer basis over time.


Collection practices and debt restructuring is no easy task, but work best when aligned with the borrowers’ propensity to pay. HadePay is building a dynamic model that is able to segment delinquent customers, and identify customers who are most likely to proactively take action to improve their own standing vs those who are not. This enables the business to build better collection strategies and improve their payment rates.

product pricing.png

Product Pricing:

Every company knows that pricing products and services is largely a test of trial and error to find a proper balance; or at least it was in the past. With an enormous log of priced products and services in every industry coupled with clustering techniques built on machine learning we can significantly improve appropriate pricing models to eliminate the trial and error game of pricing your products and services.

Currency Exchange

Does your business have international appeal? Launch into new markets with native currencies or leverage Bitcoin to reach a worldwide audience. You can specify in the dashboard what currencies you are willing to accept and what currencies you want to receive. HadePay gives your business the power to accept many currencies and instantly exchange to the currencies you want to receive.


How does currency exchange work?

In the HadePay dashboard you specify that all Bitcoin is to be converted to the currency of your choice, such as Dai or USD. When a payment is made in Bitcoin with the Lightning Network, it instantly gets sent through Wyre to convert into whatever currency your business desires. You may also push your Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Ethereum balance to convert into another currency whenever you want.

Choose the hardware that best fits your business needs.

Accessible Data

Access more than payment data. Track sales and trends of all your products, your staff, and regions you operate in. Get a big picture view of your data or zoom in on specific points of your supply chain to spot strengths and weaknesses to make timely decisions.

Control Checkout

Do you need a website? Do you need a checkout solution to take payments online?

If so, you can create one in minutes on HadePay to take payments online or to add yet another online presence. If you already have a website, use the dashboard to create a custom checkout solution for your site and integrate it into your Web or mobile app with a single line of HTML code. HadePay uses technology to push transaction data to your merchant dashboard and your website server to enable subscriptions or communicate purchased products. This allows you to effectively manage the customer and transaction but also serve the customer after a successful purchase.

Customize the shopping cart page

  • Using templates to adjust the look and feel
  • With multiple products on one page
  • A single product on multiple pages

The HadePay shopping cart can be used as

  • Its own direct link website from social media business pages
  • Part of your website to close sales
  • Your businesses entire Web presence

Blockchain Made Easy

The thought of embracing blockchain payments might sound terrifying if you are not a crypto enthusiast. But we give you all the resources needed to accept blockchain payments and manage all your crypto assets. Your business can obtain a free Bitcoin wallet address to store or send BTC, set up instant currency exchanges, and link other cryptocurrency wallets to your payment interface. Most importantly, Bitcoin payments are made easy for your customers with the Lightning Network and all transactions are recorded.


HadePay has partnered with the world’s best banks, gateway providers, and payment processors to offer an unrivaled service for payment and business management. Part of that service is keeping you and your service safe from threats of credit and debit card fraud & identity theft. These threats come in many types, but the most damaging to a company’s finances and reputation usually originate from network hacking and skimming or malware and spyware.

HadePay works closely with its partners to ensure the security of our payment network. Internally HadePay uses machine learning to identify threats and stop isolated cases of fraud along with the best practices to protect business data.

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