The Dashboard: A Powerful Engine that Makes this Car Run

  • Control how your customers interact with HadePay and what payments you accept
  • Access important data about your customers, transactions, products, and employees
  • Powerful tools using machine learning to increase sales, retain customers, price products, etc.

Full Support

HadePay is invested in making sure your business grows efficiently and have all the tools you need. We have staff on call and available to assist with any needs your business may have in addition to a dedicated customer success manager who works closely with your business to reach goals.


Powerful Dashboard Functions

Unique Functionality: Each payment service you use still has unique functionality. PayPal payments are still taken on PayPal’s servers and Stripe payments are on third party websites. Regardless of the unique functionality and how you use these applications to better your business, HadePay will collect the data from these services once they are linked in the dashboard to make your business more productive.

Broad Selection : With 12 digital currencies including Bitcoin, 15 payment applications and services, and HadePay’s own credit and debit card payment processing your business has a broad selection of ways to process payments in all situations to reach the absolute most of your addressable market.

Blockchain Made Easy: The thought of embracing blockchain payments might sound terrifying if you are not a crypto enthusiast. But we give you all the resources needed to accept blockchain payments and manage all your crypto assets. Your business can obtain a free Bitcoin wallet address to store or send BTC, set up instant currency exchanges, and link other cryptocurrency wallets to your payment interface. Most importantly, Bitcoin payments are made easy for your customers with the Lightning Network and all transactions are recorded.

Currency Exchange: Does your business have international appeal? Launch into new markets with native currencies or leverage Bitcoin to reach a worldwide audience. You can specify in the dashboard what currencies you are willing to accept and what currencies you want to receive. HadePay gives your business the power to accept many currencies and instantly exchange to the currencies you want to receive.

Accessible Data: Access more than payment data. Track sales and trends of all your products, your staff, and regions you operate in. Get a big picture view of your data or zoom in on specific points of your supply chain to spot strengths and weaknesses to make timely decisions.

Control Checkout: Do you a website? Do you need a checkout solution to take payments online? If so, you can create one in minutes on HadePay to take payments online or to add yet another online presence. If you already have a website, use the dashboard to create a custom checkout solution for your site and integrate it into your Web or mobile app with a single line of HTML code.

Business Management Meets AI Access powerful tools from machine learning that leverage your business model and industry to create incredible insights for product sales, customer retention, collections, and pricing products or services. These services improve as your business grows and we have more data to analyze, and will prove valuable tools for growing your enterprise more effectively.

The only payment dashboard that allows businesses to analyze the complete performance of their entire organization from all of their revenue channels.

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