Introducing HadePay

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This serves as HadePay’s first of many blog posts. To separate the developments of Hade Technologies and ODP Solutions ( we will use this blog to update users, businesses, and investors on new features, developments, and for the day-to-day trials and tribulations that face an innovating startup during its growth phase.

We have spent the last eight months development HadePay and are in the final innings before we commercialize the service in November. is an all-in-one payments solution to consolidate existing fiat processors (Square, Stripe, PayPal) and unify blockchain payments (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash,Ethereum) so users and businesses can send and receive payments.

While innovating enough, there are many layers to Just last week NYSE parent company Intercontinental Exchange and Starbucks announced plans to build a digital asset ecosystem. Ironically, what Starbucks and ICE hope to build is the same technology and service ODP Solutions (HadePay owner) has already developed minus all the regulatory obstacles we still have to overcome. We will break down that claim in a longer blog soon, and will begin sharing and showing all our services in regular updates. Thanks for following along.

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