Why the Intercontinental Exchange’s Bakkt Launch Is Great News for HadePay


As seen last week when NYSE parent company Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) partnered with Microsoft and Starbucks to develop a digital asset platform, big companies are finally ready to start building solutions to nurture the evolution of cryptocurrency and meet the demand of consumers and businesses. Ironically, this is a trend we identified early last year. Therefore, it’s little surprise that many key components of Bakkt are remarkably similar to HadePay.

Furthermore, the ICE announcement is wonderful news for HadePay. If you look beyond all the PR this is a startup with deep pockets and great connections that is clearly concerned and focused on paving the way for traditional investors to access Bitcoin through their brokers. That means more people can buy Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

As a result, the value of such currencies will rise and the demand among businesses and consumers to obtain, accept, and purchase with digital currencies will also rise. Hence, HadePay is the big winner.

Not to mention, now that NYSE parent company Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has pulled the trigger to enter this arena with its $85 billion in total assets and $6 billion in revenues, there is little doubt that other big companies will take notice of the potential and promise of digital currency, blockchain technology, and the trillions of dollars in value and GDP it could one day create.

Much like IBM acquired companies at a ferocious pace to catch and Microsoft when AWS and Azure, respectively, became hot commodities, big tech tends to acquire as new technologies and leaders emerge, and also in response to movement among their peers. What’s so fascinating about blockchain and digital currency payments is it’s a potential M&A target of big tech, software companies, Web companies, banks, brokers (Ameritrade), FinTech and payment processors (PayPal, Visa), and even consumer and service companies (McDonald’s).

Yes, there are many fundamental flaws of digital currency and Bitcoin payments in general. However, with the development of the lightning network that makes Bitcoin payments nearly the same speed as credit card payments, investing in such technology could yield great returns for big companies in all verticals.

We believe big corporations will inevitably acquire innovating blockchain payment and solution companies. As a result, our goal has always been to develop fast yet responsibly, possess strong intellectual property, grow fast and emerge an industry leader with a team of C-level executives, and then position the company well when the buying spree or public market opportunities arise. We believe the best way to reach this goal and to generate and manage the kind of growth we seek and expect is with a capital injection through our upcoming Series A financing, to stay ahead, thrive, and quickly establish HadePay as a market leader and disruptor in the payments industry.

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