Reach More Customers & Manage Cash Flow Efficiently With HadePay

It does not matter if you are selling software or vacation rental property, getting paid for your service is most important. Problem is that payments are getting more and more difficult to integrate for small business owners, whether it be brick-and-mortar or online businesses.

Why? Because there are so many options. A business may want to accept Square in store but use Stripe and PayPal online. Then there is Venmo, Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, and even Bitcoin or Ethereum. All of these services have millions of users, and as a business owner, you don’t want to miss out on new business or revenue by not accepting or being compatible with one of these popular services/currencies.

After all, consumers have a preference depending on when and how they are making a purchase. Nothing is better than Apple Pay on an iPhone, or Venmo for P2P, or PayPal for local commerce, Stripe for internet commerce, or Bitcoin when you seek anonymity.

Unfortunately, all these payment options can be very confusing to the customer, and difficult to manage for the business.

With, you can manage all of these payment applications including the sales, customers, and services tied to each one as a collection. In other words, you can consolidate all the payment applications you use into a single interface, or add more without making your checkout process more complicated.

Why HadePay?

HadePay has more than 50 credit card processors, gateways, and payment applications plus 12 cryptocurrencies to choose from. You just pick the ones you want to accept, as either an individual or business, and HadePay builds a custom invoice and payment solution based on those selections.

When your customer pays you, their experience will look something like

You can even customize HadePay and make it unique to your business. You can brand the technology as your own custom payment solution, or add important documents that pertain to your service. If you have an online business or sell a subscription service, we have webhooks and flags in place so your application recognizes a completed purchase and initiates service immediately.

So in a nutshell, is the ultimate payment solution for a very fragmented yet innovating payment industry, and is built to save your business time and money while opening new doors to serve customers more efficiently. Stop trying to pick and choose which payment applications to use, or whether to accept Bitcoin. With HadePay, your business can be compatible with all payment processors and cryptocurrencies, yet manage the cash flow from a single interface.

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