HadePay vs Square: Choosing the Best Merchant Service for Your Business

HadePay vs Square: Choosing the Best Merchant Service for Your Business

There are many similarities between Square (NASDAQ:SQ) and HadePay, both payment processors for merchants who accept card payments from mobile devices, on their Website, or in their stores. Both companies offer instant approval for merchants and can service businesses of all sizes, although HadePay offers a dedicated team and point of contact for each merchant in its network.

The PAIRS Program allows HadePay to reach and serve new industries in the brick-and-mortar space and significantly expand our addressable market.

Square is a tremendous service for merchants who need additional merchant services beyond payment processing. The company’s “Square Card” has blurred the line between traditional banking and merchant services, as has its credit services with Square Capital.

HadePay vs Square: Choosing the Best Merchant Service for Your Business

While Square’s 2.75% store payment fees are low, HadePay’s fees are lower at 2.7%. HadePay’s card not present solution is also lower than Square’s fee. Furthermore, HadePay offers hardware for mobile and store payments and software for point of sale and checkout that can be used as a standalone desktop application or a Web application whereas Square’s POS is actual hardware the merchant must purchase.

Ultimately, whether your business wants a standalone POS or prefers to access these services from a computer is an individual business decision. However, all hardware and software associated with HadePay is free of charge whereas Square merchants must purchase separately.

Digging deeper into technology

Square uses exceptional technology built around usability and simplicity. The service is very much a “what you see is what you get” built to serve the masses.

Meanwhile, HadePay is built for customization to serve each merchant’s unique needs with complete flexibility on how to use the software with the ability to manipulate the user interface.

For example, all other payment service providers, whether it be Square, PayPal, or Stripe, allow merchants to accept payments within their own Web or mobile application (Stripe) or on a dedicated checkout (Square, PayPal). HadePay lets businesses choose.

The cryptocurrency & hybrid advantage

Finally, HadePay is the first truly hybrid payment processor that involves fiat and cryptocurrency. HadePay merchants can choose to accept fiat payments only, cryptocurrency payments only, or both from a single user interface.

Cryptocurrency payments are not for every business, although it is an excellent option due to their being millions of cryptocurrency owners in the U.S. By accepting cryptocurrency payments, merchants expose themselves to millions of consumers they may not otherwise serve. HadePay’s ability to exchange crypto to fiat or Dai in real time make this option even more attractive.

Not to mention, HadePay’s hybrid focus has made it a haven for high risk and hard-to-place businesses like online gaming and even cannabis. HadePay has become one of the industry’s best services for high risk and low risk payment processing, a true hybrid inspired by all businesses to serve needs on a case by case basis.

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