An Innovating First of its Kind Online Payment Solution

Introducing the most diverse and innovating solution to process online payments. HadePay is the only technology that allows your business to host its own shopping cart, storefront, or process payments within third party Web and mobile applications.

Decide which strategy is best for your business or utilize all three online payment solutions and manage the customer and transaction data from your dashboard.

This solution supports online payments hosted by HadePay but also more than 20 third party payment services, applications, and cryptocurrencies in a single interface.

HadePay provides the infrastructure and end-to-end resources you need to reach your addressable market on the Web.

Power of Blockchain Enabled

Blockchain payments were built for online and mobile businesses,

Take the power of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency payments to your business and create a new way to reach customers, expand internationally, and reach the 10s of millions of consumers who own cryptocurrency.

Worried about volatile cryptocurrency prices? No worries! HadePay enables instant currency exchange solutions.

How to Register Your Business