Taking In Store Payments to the Next Level

Leverage the most powerful point of sale (POS) systems with the innovating technology of HadePay. POS technology has improved drastically over the last decade and HadePay brings the next generation software to give your customers more payment options without complicating the checkout experience or adding more strain on the merchant.

  • Credit card payments
  • Lightning fast Bitcoin payments
  • Payments with payment applications

Choose the hardware that best fits your business needs

Access payment data and business data in real time from your dashboard anywhere, anytime.

Power of Blockchain In Store

Blockchain payments are no longer exclusive to online and mobile devices. Take the power of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency payments in store to give your business a new way to reach customers.

Worried about volatile cryptocurrency prices? No worries! HadePay enables instant currency exchange solutions.

How to Register Your Business